Traveler Information

Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) / 511 


Iteris is the North American award winning ATIS/511 leader.  Currently we maintain nine (9) statewide and five (5) regional ATIS/511 systems.

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Iteris designs a flexible, efficient and sustainable delivery platform.  We offer a complete, secure and proven cloud-based solution for data applications, fully embracing Software as a Service (SaaS). This approach provides our clients with a flexible and adaptable platform, resulting in an unmatched operational uptime record of 100% for over 15 years. 

Multi-Channel Delivery 

Iteris 511 solutions incorporate a variety of dissemination mediums, including web, community access television, IVR, mobile applications and the popular social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to website supporting mobile platforms, we deploy applications which support streaming of live CCTV feeds, real-time traffic and weather conditions, and transportation information by text, graphics, and audio.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets make it possible to receive and even interact with information on the goer. With Iteris' mobile apps for Android® and iOS®, you can bring all the information you need to make crucial decisions into a single tool.

Traveler Information

Iteris' ATIS/511 and ICM apps provide travelers with critical information and timely updates in an easy-to-use map representation using icons and road highlighting to show:

  • Traffic and road conditions
  • Construction projects
  • Planned events
  • Camera video and images
  • Incidents
  • Weather information

Safety is always the first priority. Using your mobile device's built-in text-to-speech and GPS, a hands-free option allows the app to "read" a report to inform a traveler of what is ahead of them. Also, radar overlays can be added to the map giving travelers an expectation of what weather may be between them and their destination.

Customizing your app

Each customer has different needs. Customizations include:

  • Twitter and social media feeds
  • Integrated, personalized "push" notifications
  • Trip planner (Virginia's "Reach the Beach" and Georgia's "Trip Calculator")
  • Transit information

Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)

Smartphone applications developed as part of Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) projects. The technology provides an actionable service to the region's commuters, complementing existing 511 information in a new, timely and easy to understand manner.  

The information provided includes:

  • Travel times on freeway segments
  • Color-coded maps indicating nearby traffic conditions
  • Congestion levels
  • En-route commuters receive location-based advisories of upcoming travel disruptions such as construction zones and incidents.
  • Access to roadway camera images
  • Tolling information



Travel time and cost information on alternative routes for transit and driving enables travelers to select optimum route and mode based on real-time conditions.  

Pre-trip functionality allow travelers to view transit maps, fares and arrival times for transit routes in the region.  

ICM information allows travelers to select their departure time and route based on predicted conditions.

Visit the San Diego 511 ICM for Android or iOS at the links below: 

Smart Work Zones

The iPeMS® Work Zone application provides a turnkey, state-of-the-art construction work zone monitoring and analytics capabilities by creating a temporary virtual traffic management center for a specific project.  Iteris solutions for smart work zones combine cloud-based software, field deployable Bluetooth units, mobile devices, and interfaces to dynamic message signs.  Smart work zones increase traveler satisfaction and safety while reducing the costs of managing a work zone.

Specific Services

  • Performance measurement
  • Traveler information
  • Virtual guidance