Smart Cities

More than half the world's population currently lives in cities and it is expected that another 2.5 billion people may live in cities by 2050. Smart cities will provide the solutions to a prosperous and sustainable future. However, technology alone is enough to make a city smart, rather how that technology is applied, information collected, communicated, and analyzed. Cities are dependent on their transportation network; a smart city must include intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Iteris is at the forefront of ITS solutions and informatics that are used in the making of smart cities:

  • Providing individuals personalized information and travel choices that meet their needs and schedules;
  • Management services during special events, incidents and disasters;
  • Technologies that detect and track vehicles, bicycle and pedestrian movement, allowing for the safe passage through intersections;
  • Analytics solutions that allow for the proactive management of the transportation network;
  • Working with elements of smart city to improve sustainability and livability.

Our approach

Applied Informatics combines expertise in computer science, data science, engineering, meteorology, and various physical sciences to generate contextually relevant, science-backed insights that improve the health and safety of the communities in which we live. Iteris combines these disciplines to help engineers, scientists and practitioners apply informatics to make better decisions and achieve improved outcomes in transportation. Our products and services analyze the growing volume of data, currently multiple terabytes per day, to help make transportation safer and more efficient.

  • Efficient mobility - on demand
  • Safe communication for connected vehicles
  • Providing equity across surface travel modes
  • Performance measures to monitor transportation network health
  • Making systems sustainable