Digital Farming

Crop yield in the U.S. must increase 70% over the next 35 years to feed the expected 9.6 billion people on the planet in 2050. And we must do so while ensuring the safety of our foods and the sustainability of our farmlands. Only 11% of the earth's surface is arable farmland and that portion is declining each year.  With 70% of our fresh water supply used for agriculture, we must take measures to use that supply as efficiently as possible. Iteris' informatics expertise applied to digital farming means agribusinesses and growers make critical data-driven decisions in real-time to improve their bottomline.

Iteris Brings Informatics Expertise to Agriculture

Iteris has been providing weather data to leading agribusinesses since 2002, and is the trusted data platform for many internal research organizations. In the last few years, Iteris has brought informatics to the field of digital farming. In 2015, we launched a new product line for digital farming under the ClearAg brand. The ClearAg Platform was developed by a team of 100 meteorologists, data scientists, computer scientists, agronomists and active farmers. No other company brings that level of multi-disciplinary talent and depth of experience in developing proprietary and science-based modeling specific to digital farming. Our customers provide us with exposure to more than 65 million managed acres and reach into 14 countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, enhancing the depth and breadth of the data we collect and the accuracy and applicability of the informatics we generate.

Iteris is applying atmospheric, agronomic, soil, and computational science to big data to generate contextually relevant, science backed insights that help make agriculture more sustainable and productive. Crop science companies use Iteris ClearAg to test how new products may perform on a crop given certain weather and soil conditions, and growers and agronomists use ClearAg Advisories to get precise information on field accessibility and optimal timing for planting, irrigating, fertilizing, disease control, harvesting and overall health and protection of the crop.

The ClearAg Differentiation: Insights That Improve Decision Making

While atmospheric data is abundant and in many cases a commodity, such as basic weather forecast data, Iteris is unmatched in its ability to collect, aggregate and analyze big data and present contextually relevant insights for agronomists and growers to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes. No other resource or vendor provides the depth and breadth of informatics or land-surface modeling capability on a global scale as Iteris. Our platform also makes it easier for growers to share information with their crop advisors and make their modeling even more robust through crowd-sourced agronomy and adaptive analytics.

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