Goods Movement

Iteris' experience in goods movement infrastructure-oriented projects has spanned the full spectrum from planning, through implementation of goods movement technologies and commercial vehicle operations (CVO).  Planning activities have included development and application of state-of-art heavy duty truck travel demand forecasting models; sub-area and corridor goods movement studies; seaport and airport cargo ground access; and transportation master plans. Another important aspect is measurement of demand and analysis of impacts of trucks on regional facilities. Iteris has conducted planning, feasibility and prioritization studies related to railroad/highway grade separation, as well as traffic impact analyses as input to environmental studies for grade separation projects.  Iteris' CVO products assist agencies also to provide safety inspections and enforcement.

Specialty Services that Iteris Provides:

  • Truck routing studies for cities, counties, regions
  • Truck model development and application
  • Port area transportation planning and traffic design
  • Goods movement analysis and forecasting
  • Terminal origin/destination studies
  • Industrial area transportation plans
  • Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) national leaders

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