Weather & Road


Actionable pavement information for maintenance response

Snow and ice decision makers must make critical decisions before, during, and after weather events to keep roads safe for the traveling public and the maintenance employees that may be operating on those winter roads. Iteris' ClearPath Weather is a winter road information service that provides decision markets with an easy-to-use display for effectively managing winter weather road issues. With ClearPath Weather, maintenance managers can access real-time information that contains ideal maintenance action given the current and forecasted weather conditions.

Each ClearPath Weather forecast provides hourly current and forecasted site-specific road and weather conditions for:

  • Pavement/Bridge temperature
  • Pavement/Bridge condition
  • Pavement/Bridge frost risk (%)
  • Route-specific treatment recommendations
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Visibility and obstructions
  • Precipitation type, rate, and accumulations
  • Snow accumulations

Return on Investment

  • Optimize winter maintenance operations
  • Improve snow event readiness for staff, equipment, and materials
  • Reduce staffing, fuel, and chemical costs
  • Pinpoint treatment application
  • Improve road and public safety
  • Maintain the flow of commerce