Travel Time

Vantage Velocity

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based travel time calculation and performance measurement system

  • Provide fast, easy, accurate travel time
  • Deliver a real-time congestion map of your network
  • Measure network performance
  • Simple to read dashboards

The most efficient proven performance system available.  
Example dashboards: 

Congestion mapping

System at a glance

Travel time matches/sample rates/averages

Individual device reads

Travel time distribution/statistics

Other reports/dashboards include:

  • Reader Performance Data
  • Read/Match/Performance Dashboard
  • Read/Match/Performance Trends
  • Traffic Data Reporting
  • Segment Data Comparisons
  • Real-Time Data Summary
  • Origin/Destination Reporting
  • Reader Status
  • Intersection Delay

Fast, easy, accurate travel time capture
Vantage Velocity® takes advantage of the large number of vehicles that are driving with Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phones. Each Velocity field unit senses a bluetooth device's unique "MAC" address as it passes the field unit and transmits the time and location of the device to a central host system. As bluetooth devices are detected at successive Velocity field units, the Host System calculates average travel times and speeds for a roadway segment. The device's specific network address remains anonymous.

Simple to install and set up
Field installation is simple, the system can be easily rack or shelf mounted inside a traffic signal cabinet. Various communication methods are available to transmit data to the Host system.

Flexible to meet any needs
Deploying several Velocity field units along an arterial corridor provides an efficient means to collect arterial travel times - one of the main challenges for traffic operators and engineers.

Field processing units are installed at various intersections in the road network. These capture the time a Bluetooth enabled device passes through the intersection and transmits the data back to the Host Software running on a central processor. The Host Software compares data from each of the intersections in the network, and if it finds a match, the time between intersections is calculated. The distance between those intersections in known and travel speeds are calculated.


  • Immediate access to travel time information
  • Easily integrated with Iteris equipment and third party systems
  • Historical data for planning purposes
  • Real-time data for traffic operations
  • Agency owns all data

  • Simple server-based host installation
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Cost effective, standards-based, non- proprietary equipment and protocols
  • Easy, non-intrusive field installation and minimal maintenance
  • Multiple configurations
  • Large penetration of Bluetooth devices and data samples results in reliable and accurate information
  • Real-time summary calculations
  • Intelligent filtering of outlying data points
  • Data feed to 3rd party systems
  • Data can be exported for offline analysis

  • To populate Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
  • To provide alternate route information during construction events
  • To provide travel times for real-time traffic information
  • To measure the impact of construction mitigation projects
  • To trigger or prioritize re-timing of traffic signals
  • To justify projects and funding and to perform before and after analysis
  • To update local area travel demand models