Weather & Meteorological Support

Iteris' Weather Services Operations focuses heavily on the delivery of technologically-advanced weather and pavement condition forecasts for any highway or bridge location within an agency's responsibility. While many service providers have attempted to rely heavily on model data and automated forecast production, Iteris realized the state of the science is such that technology must be used as a tool to aid, not a replacement for, skilled meteorologists in the production of the forecast product.  As such, Iteris' Forecast Operations includes over two dozen forecast meteorologists working around the clock 24/7 for 365 days a year.

A key differentiation of Iteris' weather support service is the attention given to the pavement condition forecast.  Previous pavement temperature forecast models had been based upon the thermal energy balance at the upper surface of the pavement.  However, it is the behavior of the layer of snow, ice, water, chemical, and abrasives atop the pavement during maintenance activities that is the key to providing decision support for these activities.  In fact, Iteris developed the HiCAPS™ model to address not only the pavement temperature projection but also the character of the materials atop the pavement during winter events.

Iteris' Weather and Meteorological Forecasting Services include:

  • Routine Weather Advisory
  • Emergency Weather Advisory (Snow and/or Ice Storm Warning)
  • Toll-Free Phone Access to Meteorologists
  • Weather Video Briefings