Multimodal transportation systems are vital for the efficient movement of people and goods, and are increasingly necessary to serve the diverse needs of the traveling public in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. In fact, heightened use of multi-modal systems will be essential in the future given the level of congestion that exists in major urban areas and the reduced funding available for construction of new roadways. Iteris offers a broad range of multi-modal planning and design services including bus rapid transit (BRT), transit signal priority (TSP), and transit communications systems. Iteris is the leader in the transit technology field and has developed the TransitHelper® priority system to enable our clients to efficiently deploy transit technology solutions. Equally important are our services relating to Complete Street initiatives, which help plan and design roadway environments that support all transportation modes, including pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicular traffic. Iteris is also a nationally respected leader in the development and deployment of solutions that support goods movement and commercial vehicle operations.

Transit Planning & Design

Iteris specializes in understanding the integration process of transit within communities.  Iteris provides ridership forecasting; cost/benefit/sustainability analysis; bus-rail interface planning; planning and design of park-and-ride facilities; non-motorized transit access plans; station location studies; and environmental clearance for transit systems.  The use of advanced technologies for the detection of transit vehicles, transit priority request generation, and priority logic implementation is also a core component of our transit planning and design expertise.

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  • Ridership forecasting
  • BRT planning and design
  • LRT planning and design
  • Park-and-Ride studies
  • Transit communication systems
  • Transit passenger information system
  • Transit signal priority design
  • Traveler information (routes, schedules, fares)

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning and Design

Are bicyclists and walkers adequately protected so that they make the choice to bike or walk?

In sustainable communities, there is no "one solution fits all" approach to modal equity.  Iteris explores bicycle and pedestrian mobility options from the perspective of "person-trips," both individually and as potential complementary contributions delivered with all transport modes and land uses for sustainable communities. 

Bicycle and pedestrian modes enhance the transportation-land use connections, and deliver co-benefits of reduced vehicle miles traveled, less pollution and healthier communities.  Iteris delivers recommendations that enable more travel choices and safety, including:

  • Bike lanes
  • Cycle tracks
  • Bicycle paths
  • Shared lane bike marking arrows
  • Bike racks and storage
  • Distinct sidewalk components:
    • edge zones
    • furnishing zones
    • throughway zones
    • frontage zones

Bicycle detection at traffic signals is equally important, and a strength of Iteris multi-modal services.  Vantage SmartCycle® is a free software upgrade for existing video detection at traffic signals that distinguishes bicycles from vehicles.  This enables improved safety and intersection operational efficiencies.

Delivering this protection should also consider landscape and hardscape design features to separate bicyclists and pedestrians from vehicles.

Related Services:

  • Non-motorized transportation elements
  • Technology applications at pedestrian crossings




Transit Signal Priority

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is proven to make transit service faster, more reliable, and more cost effective. TSP has no measurable effect on general traffic and is an inexpensive option to make transit more competitive with the automobile.

Studies of transit operations have shown that up to 20% of the time that a bus is in service, it is stopped at a traffic signal.  Transit operators, working with their counterparts at local traffic agencies, are adopting TSP systems as a cost effective approach to significantly reduce traffic signal delay, thus improving passenger travel times and schedule adherence.

TSP is a standard feature of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services, and is applied to local and express bus services throughout the world.  Iteris is the one company that designs, builds and deploys complete TSP solutions.

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  • Transit signal priority system review and selection
  • Transit signal priority design and deployment
  • Transit signal priority operation & maintenance