All the power of Vantage video detection for bicycle applications

Superior performance in a demanding situation

Cyclists are becoming more prevalent across the country and extra phase time is needed to allow them to safely exit the intersection. When no bicyclists are present the additional cycle time is wasted reducing efficiency of the traffic network.  Reclaiming this unused time can greatly improve traffic flow while still ensuring the safety of the cycling public.

No need for additional equipment

The Vantage SmartCycle solution requires no additional detection systems or manual call buttons placed at the signal. SmartCycle combines video vehicle detection and bicycle detection in one. Multiple outputs allow precision cycle timing depending on whether a bicycle is present or not.

Simple to install and set up

Adding this function to existing deployments is a simple firmware upgrade. Additional zones can then be drawn to separate bicycle detections from vehicle detections. Existing Vantage users as well as those new to the technology will be up and running quickly.


  • Reliable performance in a demanding situation
  • Allow time for cyclists to safely exit the intersection
  • Reclaim unused cycle time when no bicycles are present
  • Works with existing Vantage installations, no additional equipment required
  • Non-intrusive sensor system for lower installation and life-cycle cost
  • Simple, flexible setup and installation
  • Field proven detection performance from the industry leader

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