Performance Analytics


Iteris' NetScene™ is a network management software that brings telephone company type network management capabilities to the ITS world. NetScene provides TMC operators with the ability to visualize, monitor and proactively manage today's ITS networks.

NetScene is a secure, distributed network management system that monitors an agency's entire ITS infrastructure, verifying the availability and performance of critical ITS components, and alerting operations personnel to malfunctions resulting in increased network uptime and availability.

NetScene not only manages the availability of ITS devices, it also provides a central configuration management system to modify device configuration parameters and tools to monitor the performance and available bandwidth on the network. With these tools, malfunctioning devices can be identified before they bring down large segments of the network and they can be remotely removed from the network until a technician can be dispatched to replace the device. Should a device fail, the system will automatically notify operations and maintenance personnel through e-mail, pager or SMS text messaging.

  • Secure - Safely manage devices with SNMP V3 authentication and encryption. Tailor views and capabilities to each management user.
  • Scalable - Use distributed polling and server components for workgroup, large Intranet or Management Service Provider configurations.
  • Connected - Catch problems quickly with e-mail and pager event notifications. Forward events to helpdesk or domain management systems.
  • Accessible - Monitor and manage the network from remote locations with the SNMPc Windows Client and JAVA web consoles.
  • Pro-Active - Monitor LAN/WAN performance and service availability with scheduled web reports to effectively plan upgrades and reduce wasted bandwidth.
  • Integrated - Automatically export map topology, trend statistics and event log entries to industry standard databases.
  • Multi-Vendor - View and modify standard and private information on routers, switches, servers and other devices from any vendor.
  • Customizable - Simplify tasks with custom expressions, data tables and menus. Develop graphical device views with the BitView scripting tool and a variety of programming and scripting interfaces.