Performance Analytics


Empower your agency to improve system performance and demonstrate success, automatically

The software solution designed to measure and manage your transportation network, providing actionable information to optimize the flow of your entire network. 

Iteris' iPeMS® is the performance management system that provides better measurement for better management.  

iPeMS provides you with:

  • Reliability measurement of the transportation network
  • Benefit/cost analysis of delay and congestion to your entire transportation network
  • Project evaluation using before and after analytics
  • Weather visualization in conjunction with traffic
  • Predictive and actionable information
  • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) performance  measurement
  • 3rd party traffic data ingestion and processing
  • Bottleneck reporting and visualization

Freeway Solutions

  • Comprehensive freeway data fusion in real-time
  • Understand your system performance through visualizations and analytics
  • Improve your system using actionable data
    • Measure travel time reliability
    • Enable HOV analysis
    • Automatic bottleneck identification
    • Incident analysis and visualization
    • AADT computations
    • Health management detection

Arterial Solutions

  • Real-time route travel times
  • Integrated traffic and signal measurements
  • Detailed analysis of control modifications
  • Bluetooth sensor management polling and performance measure computations

Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)

  • ICM system integration
  • Multimodal data collection and integration
  • Storing predictions and visualizing in iPeMS
  • Ability to review control system response plans and outcomes