Pedestrian & Cyclist


Tracking critical pedestrian activity with your Vantage video detection system

Value-Added Data Feeds

There is an increasing need for more data at signalized intersections, including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian information.  Agencies are wanting a more complete view of the intersection usage, and ensuring that safety is a key component of all future roadway improvements.  To support these efforts, Iteris has developed PedTrax, a video detection feature embedded on the latest Iteris hardware platforms.


Integrated within existing equipment

PedTrax provides bi-directional counting and speed tracking of pedestrians within the cross-walk, automatically collecting this information after normal vehicle detection has been implemented.  The PedTrax feature is embedded within the Iteris detection algorithms, and there is no need for any additional equipment for this feature to operate.  With count and speed data of pedestrians within the crosswalk, combined with the already available vehicle and bicycle counts, agencies now have the data necessary to support enhanced safety initiatives, improve funding applications, and a focused effort on roadway improvements.


  • Provides automated bi-directional pedestrian count data
  • Provides automated bi-directional pedestrian speed data
  • Works on existing new generation Edge and VantageNext platforms
  • On-screen data stream and available bin data
  • Included with all new Vantage video detection systems
  • Field-upgradeable for latest Vantage hardware platforms


  • Utilizes previously installed non-intrusive sensor systems
  • Additional data stream to existing vehicle and bicycle counts
  • Pedestrian speed data can help improve signal timing efficiency
  • No additional setup required
  • Field-proven detection performance from the industry leader