Detection Sensors


Radar technology and streaming video for stop bar detection

VantageRadius in the field

Radar presence detection

VantageRadius™ is the newest sensor in the Iteris Vantage family that utilizes radar technology for vehicle detection at the intersection stop bar. VantageRadius builds on the success of the Vantage Vector hybrid detector offering a combination of radar and video designed specifically for stop bar detection at the intersection.

Using radar and Iteris' enhanced detection algorithms ensures that VantageRadius can accurately detect vehicles and vehicle speeds as they approach the intersection, enabling the intersection to operate at its peak efficiency. The system is built on the simple-to-use Vantage Next® platform and continues the Iteris tradition of ease of installation and simple configuration.

Monitor your intersection with live video stream

Included with the VantageRadius sensor is a high resolution digital camera that streams live video back to a central management location, providing agencies with the ability to monitor and take action on the operation of their intersection. This video stream can also be used in place of other surveillance cameras to stream live video to your traffic management center video wall and mobile applications from Iteris.


Key Features

  • Forward-fire radar out to 300+ feet
  • Deep field of view
  • Designed specifically for stop-bar
  • Single CAT5E sensor cable
  • Included camera for surveillance and live streaming video
  • Lane-specific detection
  • Accurate speed detection