Detection Sensors


All the power of Iteris video detection for span-wire applications

Superior performance for the toughest environment
Many traffic management agencies using span-wire mounted signals have not previously been able to widely deploy video vehicle detection, as it has traditionally been mounted on rigid traffic signal mast arms. Until now, span-wire mounted cameras provided tough challenges for image processing algorithms, due to uncontrolled and random camera movement.

As a global leader in video vehicle detection, Iteris provides SmartSpan® with Dynamic Zone Stabilization (DZS) algorithms. With DZS, camera movement is tracked and compensated to provide accurate stop-bar and advanced detection, as well as field proven Vantage® traffic data collection in a single solution.

Simple to install and set up

Both experienced and new users of video detection will find the installation and configuration of Vantage® SmartSpan to be simple and quick. The system may be rack or shelf mounted inside a traffic cabinet, and is NEMA and Type 170/2070/ATC traffic controller compatible. The system has the capability to perform well in either isolated or networked intersections.


  • Stop-bar detection
  • Advanced detection
  • Traffic data collection
  • Non-intrusive to reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Simple and flexible installation and setup
  • Full motion color video provides detection verification
  • Compact, lightweight, and inconspicuous camera design