Detection Sensors

RZ-4 Advanced Wide Dynamic Range Camera

Advanced video detection enhanced with wide dynamic range technology

The industry's most advanced video detection camera
The RZ-4™Advanced WDR (RZ-4 AWDR) is Iteris' premium video detection camera. Optimized for traffic video detection, the RZ-4 AWDR combines Iteris' best-in-class all-weather performance video detection with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology - using the advanced imager technology to handle extremes in light and dark and severe glare conditions. In harsh backlit conditions, vehicles can be detected with >100dB of dynamic range; the camera can handle the most complicated scene. The RZ-4 AWDR's simple installation, backward compatibility, and the capability to adjust the camera from the cabinet provides an advanced, easy-to-use solution for video vehicle detection.

The RZ-4 AWDR detects vehicles in any lighting and weather conditions. In contrast to other CCTV type or thermal imaging cameras, the RZ-4 AWDR delivers a video signal that is optimized for processing by the Vantage video detection systems.

Easier to install and maintain

The RZ-4 AWDR camera also gives technicians the option to set up the field of view (FOV) from the bucket truck or from the ground at the cabinet.


  • Specifically designed for vehicle detection applications
  • Improved color and clarity of the video image, ideal for connection to Vantage EdgeConnect™
  • Quick-click connectors and adjustable camera mount streamline installation and minimize setup time - no crimping tools required!
  • Set up and configure at the camera or from the ground
  • Cable termination located at the rear of the camera simplifies cable connection
  • Performs in the most challenging lighting conditions
  • Advanced heater enables optimal video detection performance in adverse weather conditions

Vantage LAM
The LAM (Lens Adjustment Module) is an easy to use device that allows field adjustment of the camera settings. The unit is available in NTSC or PAL format, and can be used with or without a monitor.No laptop required for set up.