Detection Sensors


Easy to set up and perfect for adaptive traffic signal systems

The P-Series Detection cameras from Iteris are integrated machine vision processors and cameras, designed to use on all types of intersections outside of North America.

The P-Series system provides a versatile, high resolution video traffic camera specially optimized for machine vision processor technology. Each P-series camera includes a high sensitivity color imager to ensure accurate vehicle detection in all lighting conditions. You have the choice of two fixed or variable zoom cameras, depending on functionality required.

The P-Series solution includes the interface controller that resides in the roadside cabinet. All user interface functions are performed through the interface controller such as virtual zone placement, detector output assignment, and video monitoring.


  • Robust detection - Vehicle and bicycle differentiation with data collection
  • All-weather operation - Optimized for outdoor conditions; available heater for ice prevention
  • Easy to install - Simple connections on back of camera
  • Affordable installation - Low cost, easily attainable CAT5e or CAT6 cable
  • Central viewing - By pairing with an EdgeConnect (or any video server), can enable remote video viewing
  • Adaptive control ready - Detection system available for any adaptive control product

Product only available for sale outside North America.