Wireless broadband communications for transportation system needs

Failure to communicate is not an option

Trustworthy wireless service is demanded for transportation systems and its users.  VantagePegasus® wireless networks are built with carrier grade radio components that deliver unmatched wireless connectivity and the bandwidth for communications from remote sites to a centralized center.  

VantagePegasus radios are certified to FCC, CE and NEMA standards and are designed and tested to withstand year-round weather conditions while delivering uninterrupted connectivity.

Radios support flexible non-licensed frequency bands:  900MHz, 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz, or 5.8GHz, flexible single-radio and dual radio configurations, and a range of antenna solutions to achieve distance, throughput, and reliability.  

Single Radio (Non-integrated)

  • Attach antenna or antenna cable to an N-type connector

Dual Radio (Non-integrated)

  • Pick frequency band for each radio to create wireless Hotspots or relay station 

Integrated Radio

  • Single radio or dual radio configuration
  • Built-in directional antenna
  • Low wind resistance


  • Dependable, robust wireless systems deployed for Agency applications:

  1. Video detection at intersections and  freeways
  2. Streaming video to the TMC
  3. Wireless controller interconnect
  4. City broadband wireless networks
  5. Extend fiber networks

  • Interoperable with existing wireless solutions from other vendors
  • Various levels of security to ensure exclusive and secure access
  • Intuitive management software to manage network performance from the main office