The Complete Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Solution

 Iteris is the one company that designs, builds and deploys complete TSP systems.

Iteris' TSP solution features TransitHelper® and is comprised of four components:

1) Priority Request Generator:
Works with existing on-bus systems that generate transit priority messages. Tested with all major CAD/AVL systems.

2) Bus to intersection communication system:
Iteris' wireless solution can be implemented on the 2.4GHz, 5.8 GHz, or the 4.9GHz public safety radio frequency bands, and can be deployed using 5.9GHz DSRC bus-to-intersection communications to align with the FHWA Connected Vehicle Initiative. This infrastructure can also be utilized for additional services such as WiFi Internet access for transit riders, on-bus transit information for patrons, real-time data collection of transit vehicle occupancy as well as real-time distribution of on-bus video for surveillance and security.

IEEE 802.11 Broadband Wireless Network
  • Network Clients
    • Mobile network clients: IEEE 802.11b/g; already installed for transit operations management system data transfers
    • Intersection network clients: IEEE 802.11b/g; easily fits in traffic controller cabinet with small omni-directional antenna
  • Network Access Points
    • Provides wireless bridging at up to 54 mbps data throughput
    • Provides network access for mobile and intersection network clients
  • Network Backhaul
    • Cellular or DSL for network monitoring only
    • Radio or fiber optics for expanded applications
    • Bus-to-intersection message protocol
    • Customized for intersection controller software requirements
    • NTCIP 1211 Compliant
  • Expandable Network Architecture
    • Traffic signal interconnect
    • Traffic data collection
    • Utilizes existing traffic management communications or municipal WiFi infrastructure where available

3) Iteris TransitHelper Processor:
A cost-saving interface used for communications between transit vehicles and intersection traffic controllers.
  • Serial or Ethernet direct interface for select Type 170E, Type 2070 and NEMA traffic controllers
  • Processes wireless message initiated by approaching transit and emergency vehicles
  • Pulsed electrical interface using Iteris TransitHelper, a hardened priority request server
  • Fully compatible with emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) systems

4) Central Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Central Monitoring & Reporting System
    • Predictive and actionable information
    • Cost analysis of delay and congestion on network
    • Real-time vehicle locations and status
    • Detailed transit line analytics for operations
    • Integrated intelligence simplified for system optimization
    • Visualization of transit line load and schedule adherence
  • Iteris NetScene™
    • Wireless network health and performance monitoring
    • SNMP-Based
    • Remote configuration of network ITS equipment

The Complete Transit Signal Priority (TSP) solution that efficiently connects your buses to improve running times and schedule reliability


Iteris' TSP solution:
  • Proven On-the-Street
  • Only "End-to-end" TSP solution
  • Active at over 300 intersections (and growing) with confirmed results:
    • 9% reduction in peak period round-trip bus running times
    • 23% reduction in stop times at traffic signals
    • No measurable impact on cross street vehicle delays
  • Works with all major signal controllers
  • No additional On-Bus equipment required for TSP application
  • Wireless network design customized for TSP application minimizes additional equipment requirements
  • Expandable for additional applications such as emergency preemption
  • Simple integration with existing traffic management or municipal WiFi infrastructure
  • Full range of controller interface options
  • Comprehensive data and network management system