Commercial Vehicle Ops


inSPECT™ is a software product that provides commercial vehicle inspectors with an easy-to-use, federally compliant tool for performing roadside inspections of heavy trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. inSPECT meets all states’ requirements and was developed with the help of multiple jurisdictions over a series of field and ride-along work sessions. inSPECT is compliant with federal requirements for the collection and transmission of commercial vehicle inspection data to federal and state data systems and has successfully completed the certification process with FMCSA.  


  • Easily deployable and updatable interface (works like windows updates)
  • Data from several programs in a single interface (PIQ, SAFER, Query Central, ISS, CVIEW, PRISM)
  • Ability to link to state specific data sources
  • Customizable pass/fail tests
  • Auto Population of carrier, vehicle, and driver data
  • Data is as current as the last internet connection
  • Real-time inspection submission means real-time feedback on issues or problems that need resolved
  • ASPEN and SNET business rules built in
  • Timely changes via the TUG
  • Confidential Notes section
  • iPad version with picture noting
  • ASPEN-like look and feel
  • Easily customizable for state needs (issue permits, citations, custom links, etc)
  • Carrier email notification
  • Live administration feature to view reports, local fields, etc rather than having to make changes from SNET.
  • Integrates with LPR/OCR systems for automatic data feed
  • Accessibility options for bigger/smaller text