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Commercial Vehicle Systems
CVISN (Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks) Planning and Design and Deployment. Iteris is a nationally recognized leader in providing ITS planning and design services to states involved in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration CVISN Program. Since the creation of the CVISN Program in the early 1990's, Iteris continues to lead CVISN program planning and deployment projects in multiple jurisdictions. In addition, Iteris participates in the Expanded CVISN Program development on a national basis.

The Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW-Plus™) created by Iteris provides a low cost and efficient information foundation for support of state-based commercial vehicle operations. CVIEW-Plus has been certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as CVISN compliant and has been deployed in numerous states.

CVIEW-Plus is more than a database. CVIEW-Plus is a cost effective system designed to obtain, store, and distribute intrastate and interstate commercial vehicle information. This information is made available to local state agencies, other jurisdictions, federal authorities and other users.

The easy-to-use graphical user interface provides data administrators with a simple way to establish and maintain system preferences. Options include selectable SAFER downloads and uploads. Users can specify data to be processed and the schedule for processing including immediate "on demand" updates. Built-in, unattended, background operations check data for accuracy and timeliness. Automated error detection processes are designed to notify administrators of any data-related problems.

CVIEW-Plus utilizes the latest eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technology and has been developed in compliance with FMCSA SAFER standards and system specifications. CVIEW-Plus comes fully tested and installed on a Windows®, network-ready, dual processor server. This turnkey system is immediately operational with fully functioning SAFER download and upload procedures. Iteris provides data exchange specifications for all IRP, IFTA, electronic-screening and transponder data required for FMCSA PRISM and core CVISN compliance.

CVIEW-Plus can be easily scaled to meet state-specific needs. Features include additional legacy system interfaces as well as real-time, internet-based query windows to support roadside and enforcement operations.