Commercial Vehicle Ops


CheckPoint™ is screening software that quickly identifies, sorts, and screens commercial motor vehicles for bypass or enforcement action. CheckPoint is a web-based interface that provides integration of federal and state data, weigh-in-motion (WIM), license plate reader (LPR), optical character recognition (OCR) camera hardware, and complex algorithms to provide a simple interface for verifying the screening of commercial motor vehicles and motor carriers. The CheckPoint software can be configured for both fixed facility (Ports of Entry) or virtual weigh stations. As a commercial vehicle enters a port of entry or virtual weight station, the following events are triggered:

  • LPR and OCR cameras are triggered to capture several images of the vehicle including USDOT number, License Plate Number, and several vehicle overview images.  
  • If the site is configured with a WIM, axle spacing, axle configuration, and weight of the vehicle are communicated back to the CheckPoint server for processing and screening.
  • CheckPoint software processes the information from all hardware sources (LPR, OCR, WIM, etc) and delivers a pass, fail, or warn decision to the enforcement officer.  Additional data helpful to the officer is also displayed.
  • The vehicle is automatically sorted to the correct lane for bypass or pull in.

The CheckPoint software processes all of the information provided by the hardware components to return a pass, fail, or warn decision for the officer. Additionally, audible alerts can be set for specific warnings, failures, and information related to the hardware reads. 

Automated Truck Screening

Additional Features 

  • Configurable pass/fail tests that can be set with audible alarms when selected criteria are met. This allows officers the ability to multi-task and still be easily notified of severe violators that need additional enforcement action. 
  • Data mining and reporting tools for researching previous inspections
  • Remote Access to view for virtual and fixed weight stations
  • List filters for altering the display of the vehicle list section
  • Zoom-able images for verifying hardware reads
  • Re-screening capability for correcting any hardware mis-reads
  • Scheduled reports for notifying administrative personnel of violations, daily screening results, hardware health, etc.

CheckPoint software is installed in locations along main corridor Interstates with volumes of  more than 2500 commercial vehicles in any given day.