About Iteris

Our Values

Superior Products and Customer Focus
Our customers, clients, and the general public rely on us to help reduce traffic congestion and improve the safety of surface transportation system. We are committed to developing and providing high quality products and services that meet this need. Our goal is to be a preferred solution provider based on our performance, our ethics and integrity, and our ability to continually bring new and important technologies to market. We value, actively seek, and are responsive to our customers' input and feedback. Internally, we work together to achieve the operational excellence this requires.

Exceptional People
Our goal is to recruit and retain people who are the best at what they do — people who are motivated to achieve results, have high standards of quality and integrity, possess a flexible, entrepreneurial spirit, are committed to improvements in traffic management, and want to develop to their full potential.

Profitable Growth
Profitable growth allows us to pursue development of advanced technologies to address unmet traffic management and safety needs. It also allows us to create a great work environment, attract and retain excellent people and reward them for the success they make possible. To achieve profitable growth and enjoy the benefits it provides, we set high standards for performance and productivity and are conscientious stewards of Iteris' resources.

Teamwork and Collaboration
We understand the value and challenge of working in teams, and we respect and encourage intellectual honesty and candid participation. However, in order to move forward, we must make timely decisions and accept responsibility for their outcome, even when complete agreement is not reached. Once input is obtained and a decision made and communicated by the leader, the ultimate goal of doing what is in the company's best interest is expected to be acknowledged and supported. Working in teams requires flexibility, appreciation, and respect for others' views, courage to provide ideas and feedback, as well as the ability to make timely decisions and be mutually responsible for the outcome.

Open, Direct Communication
We seek open and honest communication with our customers, shareholders and one another. We welcome new ideas and value them on the basis of merit, not position or level. We encourage candid feedback, listen carefully, and provide timely, relevant information in order that people are informed and able to make wise choices.

Informal, Enjoyable Environment
We strive to create an environment of casual intensity where people enjoy coming to work every day. To ensure efficient decision making we keep our internal policies clear and succinct. We ask that everyone contribute their ideas, knowledge and efforts to achieve our goals and sustain our unique culture. We place a major emphasis on working hard, working together, and sharing rewards.